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The Florida Gators are known for their accomplishments in a variety of athletics,
and they wanted to tackle their academic headquarters with the same intensity they
bring to their gameday competitions.

The Otis Hawkins Center for Academic Excellence is a living space for student-
athletes to meet with the advisors, counselors, nutritionists, you-name-it. 

When you enter, the three-story lobby lets everyone know that success goes
beyond game time, and it takes the same perseverance to win off the field as on.
The lobby sculpture is comprised of 21 pieces, each representing a team and sport
the Gators compete in, anchored by the descriptive attributes of the organization
and its players.

Common meeting spaces are shaped by these same attributes, etched in wood
and building player silhouettes as they progress along the wall.

Produced as Creative Director at 160over90, 2015
2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles