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These are the things I believe it takes to make great work.
Written addressed to those I create with.


Our work carries the power to inspire: young adults choosing their future paths,
fans carrying teams beyond seasons, or each other sitting around the table as we work.
Treat these moments with the weight they carry and opportunities they provide.

Favor the Longview

Every decision we make has second and third order consequences.
Thinking only in the short term without consideration for potential outcomes
sacrifices our ability to shape quality decisions.

Evolve (or Become Extinct)

Our clients, our office, ourselves. We must grow and evolve or risk becoming obsolete.
Look for chances to leverage and bolster strengths while seeking solutions to overcome weaknesses.

Make it Better

Every project, every relationship,
every skill we carry has room for improvement.

Treat the Disease

We must take long, hard looks at challenges we face to make sure we get at and tackle the root causes,
not simply the symptoms we are fighting. For both our clients and ourselves.

Ask Better Questions

We owe it to ourselves and our clients to play will a full stack of cards to deliver the best hands possible.
We must stretch each other to provide as much clarity and depth to the
problems as possible to shape the best solutions.

People First

Every interaction we have internally and externally lays a brick in the foundation of relationships we build.
How we treat and support each other and our clients determine the strength and quality of these bricks.

Don’t Lower The Bar

We carry high standards. Getting comfortable with phrases like “Just this once” or “It’s not my
responsibility” or “That’s just the way it is” put these all these standards at risk.
Any interaction we have with a project puts its success in our hands, and is ours to uphold.