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Heading into the 2013 season, the Miami Dolphins we’re about to unveil
their first identity update in franchise history but they also knew there was a lot
more to their brand than just the logo. We helped the Dolphins update the
entire system surrounding the new logo in a season that would also
introduce a new head coach and a new franchise quarterback.

Along with Nike, our team was part of the select few to work with
the logo before it went live. No pixels went untouched in the creation of this
brand campaign as we looked to play off of Miami’s setting and
create a visual system that was as intense as the franchise’s loyal fans.

Miami makes football players, and football fans.
From the youth leagues up to the high school and college ranks—
generation after generation, Miami’s heat and humidity has
grown one of the proudest football traditions of any city in the country.

But when it came to the Dolphins, there was a disconnect
between that football culture and the city’s professional team.
After years of subpar seasons, a committed owner looked to
flip that script. “Made In Miami” was our campaign’s theme.
It looked to tap into that proud tradition in a uniquely Miami way.

We created messaging pillars that would reach out and
connect with the Dolphin’s loyal fans old and new. With a rich tradition
that’s witnessed the NFL’s last perfect season in 1966 to the glory years
of the Marino-era—Dolphins fans earned a reputation for being one of the
loudest fan bases in the NFL. It was time to wake them back up.

We memorialized something that had been neglected in previous
seasons. Designing a custom package for season ticket holders sending
an instagramable signal to fans that 2013 was a new beginning.

As we looked for ways to improve every touchpoint with loyal fans,
we began to think about being a ticket holder more like a membership than a transaction.

Produced as Designer at 160over90, 2013
Creative Direction by Steve Penning, Greg Ash, Darry Cilli
2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles